[ibogaine] actual measurments and a long meandering ramble

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Howard wrote >You are a Banzie <

I'm sorry, you said this on the phone too Howard. What's a Banzie? I didn't
understand it when you said it on the phone and now I know I don't know what
you meant. What is that?

>Have you moved your
bowels yet?<

Yep, I'm empty, and eating lots of fruits like I seldom if ever do.

>Do you want to potentiate your current state or do you want to wait
7 to 10 days to get most of the ibog/noribo out of your system and then
redose or not. <

Potentiate my current state somewhat. I do NOT want to wait to let the stuff
still in me eek out before taking this other one.

>Generally those trails are gone by day 7 at the latest.<

Darn it. I've been sorta hopen they'd be Permanent! LOL.
Thanks for the links.
Peace and love,

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> In a message dated 8/12/04 2:16:38 AM, ptpeet at nyc.rr.com writes:
> >    QUESTION- if someone had one booster still that they hadn't taken,
> >but were already taken very small and limited amounts of opiate pain
> >would they have to again wait until even that small amount left their
> >before eating the booster, or is it safe to eat it, say, oh, tomorrow?
> >SHould, um, someone, wait a while first? When should it be eaten?
> >    IF I did wanna go again sometime sooner than later, how long would
> >it be feasible to wait?
> >
> >    That's still a pretty big if, but I feel so good NOW that hell, you
> >were all right, and sure you can remind me of my earlier
> >    What a lightweight wuss I am.
> Preston,
> You are a Banzie and an experienced drug experimenter/author.  That places
> you in a knowledgeable position.  I would, before gaining broader
> stick to the general ibogaine protocol, take ibogaine instead of your
> dose of opiates/wake-up. Then the question becomes "booster" or anther
> The same capsule/dose of ibogaine can be used for either.  Have you moved
> bowels yet? Do you want to potentiate your current state or do you want to
> 7 to 10 days to get most of the ibog/noribo out of your system and then
> redose or not.  Also how much ibo/etc. you have on board may be very
specific to
> the individual and your issues with large and small intestine may effect
that or
> not.  Generally those trails are gone by day 7 at the latest. That may
> indicate you are clearing iboga alkaloid metabolite or it may represent
> mechanism altogether.  Many people don't see them after 48-72 hours, some
> sooner than that.  With highly purified ibogaine they disappear faster
than with
> ibo containing various amounts of other iboga alkaloids.  However, one
> always consider the individuality of the ibogaine experience.
> One of the earliest observations in the modern ibogaine period (post 1950)
> was Schneider's discovery that ibogaine potentiates opiate analgesia and
> toxicity.  You can go to Chris Jenks' wonderful collection of ibogaine
> http://www.puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/literature/iborefs.html and scroll
down to
> Schneider's patent and download a pdf of United States patent, (December
> 1957), 2,817,623.  Jenks has done a wonderful job of archiving
> alkaloid articles and mp3 files, http://www.puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/
(click on
> the CSAM folder).
> Also read fernandez just for the fun of it
> http://www.ibogaine.org/fernandez.html
> Howard
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