Re: [ibogaine] Dear List, I’m kickin g again

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Thu Aug 12 15:06:38 EDT 2004

Again, me to Sean,
    I'm thrilled to hear you're about to undergoes this experience. Just
remember to breath deeply when you find yourself tensing up, angry or
uncomfortable. It will pass, and it's worth it getting through it to the
other side, without resorting to the opiates I think.
    I feel a little weird though, still using minimal amounts of opiates,
but really, they seem to be doing exactly what they're supposed to- at
prescribed doses.
    I'm a little worried about when I go back and see my pain doc, in
another week and a half. One part of me of course is planning on telling him
something about what happened so he'll understand why I'm asking for
drastically reduced amounts of both drugs- but I LOVE SHOOTING UP. I mean
it, I have always, ever since my car accident as a teenager, loved needles
and blood in rigs and on walls and everywhere, soooo. I admit- I'm a bit
nervous about how I'm going to handle that hurdle when it arrives, but
what's that saying "they" always say? One day at a time? Yeah that's the
    So my point is I do not want to start shooting my dilaudids again, but I
don't want to not have them around as a break through resort.
Anyway, love and all,

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   If you go forward with this, I would love to hear directly how it is
going. I think it could be a good way to spread positive info about
ibogaine. Unitarians can help spread word. i also work with local groups
here in alberta to help in multi-faith projects. Our local unitarian church
is working closely with our increasing homeless problems and I would love to
add ibogaine awareness.
   Email me direct if you can,

peace and luv

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Hi Howard,

I was thinking of educating the Unitarians about ibogaine.  They have active
group opposing the War on Drugs, and are interested in issues of class and
race.  A treatment which is highly effective, has religious roots, and is
virtually inaccessible to those who cannot afford to get out of the country
is something I think many UUs would like to learn about and most likely


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