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Thu Aug 12 05:16:56 EDT 2004

Preston, Its good to see you on the ball so to speak. I can't use the 
bathroom without thinking of your difficulties I am so empathetic. Now you put this 
clip of a nurse in a rubber suit in my head.LOL  Anyway when you were 
describing how the music sounded it actually made my heart beat faster. I am fascinated 
with it and terrified at the same time. People like you and Mark give me 
hope. I never freaked out or anything while tripping and I have done some real 
good lSd, this doesn't sound the same. Hope I can handle it as well as you seem 
to be. Keep an eye on Mark for us if you can. We all got to help each other 
best we can. No one else gives a shit 'bout us hippy freak junkies. I think this 
is what Patrick had in mind.            Randy
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