actual measurments and a long meandering ramble

Preston Peet ptpeet at
Thu Aug 12 03:15:51 EDT 2004

According to someone I know, he said that "At 140 pounds, you are 64
kilograms, probably lighter now since the session. We gave you two and a
half milligrams per kilogram which is 160 milligrams as a test dose. Then,
again 40-45 minutes later, you received 896 milligrams of ibogaine, not even
quite a gram, which equates to 14 more milligrams per kilogram per body
weight for a total of 16 and a half. Then down the road we finally managed
to give you a booster then yet another, both 3 milligrams per kilogram of
192 each. So you got 160, 896, plus 896, plus 192 plus 192, equals to 22 and
a half of milligrams per kilogram of ibogaine. 64 times 22 and a half is how
much ibogaine hydrocloride you received."

22.5 milligrams per kilogram
64 kilograms body weight
1440 kilograms total.

Hope this clear up anyone else's confusion as it has mine.
Peace and love, and oh yeah, some more tidbits to chew on, for those who
might be interested. Everyone else, that ol' delete button will work just
I'm still seeing incredibly vivid, multicolored trails, off of everything,
even those things which really, really are not moving but still leaving
great trails anyway.
    Marc C came by today to visit, we went across the street and sat on the
benches in the playground watching trails and gathering clouds. I tried to
walk him to the train, but seeing how difficult walking down the 5 floors to
the ground level from my apartement I decided across the street from MARS
BAR (hey Patrick, a blast from the recent past eh? It's the SAME as ALWAYS.
LOL) was far enough, said aduie and returned to fall to the bed- only to
discover that SLEEP wasn't going to be happening, and here it is at 2:18 and
darn it sleep STILL isn't happening. But it's cool, I feel manic, so why not
go with it.
    I definitely hit that "glow" state this evening, whereas this morning
was the first time able to even make it out the apartment, much less down a
couple blocks.
    But then I came home and began eating. FIrst a piece of toast. Then two
pieces of French toast. Then a banana. Then a grillled turkey and cheese
    THen I coasted, still fucking unable to sleep, but growing less
irritable and more "gee, I'm feeling pretty peachy for having on Saturday
crushing and swallowing 8 or 9 ms-contin 30s, right up to 12:30 Sunday
morning and having managed only 2 all day today, one at 8AM and one at 5 PM-
yesterday now I realize.
    So after coasting, and helping V get through one of those "holy shit I
was on set for 12 hours today and half to do it again tomorrow at 5AMM rant
spells, we got dressed and went and stuffed our faces with at one of her
good friend's birthday parties at this aMAzing chiese resturant, and well,
one of the people eating with us is a director for some hotshot agency here
in Manhattan, and another, the boyfriend of V's friend owns a bar where I
can throw the release party for Under the Influence- The Disinformation
Guide to Drugs, that book I keep saying over and over how I've just finished
editing (it went to the printers last Monday btw, if I didn't mention that.
   So everyone else drank two two HUGE bottles of sake, while I sat there
eating and glowing and laughing and not hurting too bad (one ms-contin and
my back has this nifty pillow in it between me and my pain) and I' wasn't
not at all feeling dopy or much, much worse, dope sick, just tripping nicley
and calming, as though on mushrooms or something. The BEST part was TELLING
everyone at the table about how I'd just spent the weekend flat on my back
unable to walk thanks to this African root stuff for my pain pills habits.
And they were all fascinated.
    Howard you are right in that my provider and the others helping were all
very brave to allow me to take it. I was genuinely worried that when I
started listing my physical problems- which really aren't obvious when I'm
dressed but with my shirt off boy people can't help but stare and ask "what
the hell happened to you?!?!- but I didn't know what the hell I was going to
do if they turned me down.
    AND, you know what else? I spoke just a bit WAY too soon. I wanna go
    QUESTION- if someone had one booster still that they hadn't taken, but
were already taken very small and limited amounts of opiate pain killers,
would they have to again wait until even that small amount left their system
before eating the booster, or is it safe to eat it, say, oh, tomorrow?
SHould, um, someone, wait a while first? When should it be eaten?
    IF I did wanna go again sometime sooner than later, how long would it be
feasible to wait?
    That's still a pretty big if, but I feel so good NOW that hell, you were
all right, and sure you can remind me of my earlier scardicattedness.
    What a lightweight wuss I am.
    Ok, now let's see if I can describe the ibogaine trip itself soon.
That's my next rantlike project.
    At first there was the aforementioned in previous post about ear
keening, louder and louder. While that was just starting, I noticed that the
TURNED OFF light fixture on the ceiling suddenly had this weird silver
liquidish ring around it's rim, and I began to see what looked like water
inside the thing (I Had O-Rang playing softly, which is my very favorite
shroom music so I figured, rightly it turned out, that's what I wanted on
rather than the almost insisted on silence. LOL!) and it was looking like
the ceiling was starting to throb or bob a little.
    Then I don't know what happened. I kinda feel asleep for a little bit.
But for some while, almost an hour, I was getting more and more bummed, and
kept having to get back up and go to pee in the bathroom. One sitter kept
getting worried I was gonna spew (never did, thanks Patrick and all for
spew-stopping advice) and the second of thrid time I came back into the
blanketed off and darkened room I sat down and smoked some of a cigarette.
Then as I lay down, I was off. The room was moving, I wasn't, or as little
as possible (though I did manage to LEAP out of bed in a fury at around 36
hours without opiates, when first waking out of the first round of massive
tripping out of my body/roiom/head/planet/into space at some vast freakin
distance from the sever opiate withdrawals I was suddenly being beaten to a
pulp by- I at that point was thinking how the ibogaine was somehow acting as
a skin between me and my withdrawals, making them for me, but at that point
the ibogaine had moved outside the withdrawing sking and was holding it
closer than ever to me and it SUCKED!- at "How DARE they wanna give me MORE
of that SHIT oh my GOD they've got a CAbinate fULL of Pills, why can't I
have my painkillers NOW!!! I don't wanna that shit in my any more
arghghghghgH!!!!" Without throwing up either.)
    So anyway, once I was really taking off, I was seeing liquid metal
everywhere off everything, very similarly to how I'm still seeing things to
be honest.
    I kept looking for a big silver screen to pop up, but one sitter had
made sure to tell me, in all innocence, "oh, yeah, one or two people have
said they didn't see any movies," which immediately made me thing, ":GReeat,
that'll be ME of course" but as I've noted earlier elsewhere, they ain't
exactly movies. I was in them.l
    I was seeing these huge cities was out in time and space somewhere, like
I said, with these three gods sleeping in these cryogenic type coffins or
boxes. And I was supposed to wake them, or someone was, to get them to
combine (wonder triplets powers activated?) togewther to save humanity,
whose time was ending if they couldn't bring forth this thing- what it was I
couldn't tell because it didn't make it all the way out before the end came,
and destroyed everything, including this beautiful cloud like, almost fetus
looking thing but not all icky, just pure white silver light- but this
darkness, this whole in space ate it all, these gods, all their peoples, and
    (Oh, and btw, The Cure's Pornography is one hell of an awesome CD to
listen to in this condition, as I'm doing now.)
    Then as I think I've mentioned, I was in the warzone in Iraq, and I just
can't understand how those people are surviving sane in that condition. What
in the hell must they be suffering through day after day, going out to KILL
each other every single freakin' day
    I read something of Patrick's recently that mentioned face first into a
meat grinder, and that's what I kept seeing, only with machine guns, and
other armaments, and just sheer fear and terror and despair, becauise NO ONE
WOULD STOP! Even knowing that it isn't helping, and isn't solving anything,
only creating more death and fear and despair, well, it wasn't pretty. But
it was FASCINATING. AMAZING. I Love Tripping a LOT, and always have, and
have done one hell of a lot of drugs-
which reminds me, and I'm glad I remembered this- early on it reminded me
VEry much of salvia divinorum. ANd I mean a LOT. The same weird keening
sound but not nearly as loud on Salvia, and that feeling of a presense just
up and to my right, or was it left? One of those directions. Salvia is MUICH
less strong, but still, there were some similartities, especially thinking
of the last time I tried salvia- which lol gives me an idea. Wonder how it'd
mix with my current state?
    It isn't NOT illegal yet is it?
    I don't Think so, but is it? Actually, didn't they recently schedule the
stuff, those fuckers!
    I really don't like prohibitionists.
    The only really, really bad part was, besides having to sit on the side
of the bed and piss huge amounts of weird colored pee that just wouldn't
stop coming for hours...wellll, a few minutes but still... was that waking
up at the 24 hour into the trip part, where all I wanted was some fucking
    That part was fucking hell. But I've been hearing lately that many
people seem to be angry at that point in the experience, not usually
entirely happy, But I've only been hearing that recently, and granted from a
select set of folk too.
    Ok, I'm sending this out unedited or reread, pure outta my skull and
onto the pag...errr, screen thing.
    Have a nice day all. Happy..Thursday? I keep screwing up the days,
thinking today was already thursday and we should now be on Friday- but
that's not right, so never mind me, and heck, still have a good day whatever
day it turns out to be.
Peace and love AGAIN,

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