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>>> PS. Please don’t recommend Ibogaine. No matter how much I would love
>>> to dose, it is far out of my reach. Thank you again.
> Rejoice the ibogaine traveling circus.  Rejoice of that which moves 
> through
> time and space.  Rejoice in questions and answers and sleep after 
> ibogaine.
> I'm getting stranger and stranger.

Howard, you sho do bE.

<Clearing Throat> I would like to take this momenT to read my ORIGINAL 
tesTimonial(S) -- which was harshly CENSORED and deemed INAPPROPRIATE, 
in days gone by (Wiping tears from eyeS).  Ahum:


Dude man, ibogaine rox like an ox, everyone should do a whole bunch of 
it.  It's way-cool and un-springs you without gettin' crunched.  It 
should be dumped from helicopters onto inner-cities, mixed into the 
water supply, and added to children's vitamins.

		-- D.F., Pig's Knuckle, Idaho

After years of time spent fruitlessly trying to hammer square pegs into 
round holes, and experiencing generalized feelings of malaise and ennui 
akin to that of a flock of hummingbirds trying to hover in a windy 
room; ibogaine was like a collection of brightly-colored pebbles under 
a waterfall -- it has flipped a switch in my head and shed light upon 
the vast dark night of my soul.  This makes me feel all warm and 
smooshy inside, and saves a bunch on electric bills.

		-- S.T., Japan

Leading doctor agrees:  Ibogaine has a 100% success rate!

To provide a concise summation of the Ibogaine experience: any drug 
addict who is administered a sufficiently high dose of Taberanthe iboga 
over an extended period of time; will eventually be healed, driven 
completely insane, or O.D.  In any case, your primary problem is no 
longer drug addiction.

I personally do not have any such problem, I use cocaine hydrochloride 
because it's good for me.

		-- S.F., Austria

While further research is needed, and we currently lack adequate data 
to provide conclusive proof of this theory; preliminary pre-clinical 
studies seem to strongly suggest that drug-dependent patients prefer 
getting fucked-up on hallucinogens and detoxing painlessly -- over 
sweating and shaking for 3 months.  Although these findings are 
unprecedented and highly unexpected, we're confident that we can 
accumulate sufficient documentation to prove this hypothesis, by 
rounding up the wandering lunatics and getting them to sit down and 
play connect-the-dots on 6 feet of questionnaires.

"We'd like to attach another 13 pieces of hardware to you.  D'ya mind?"

		-- Ibogaine Research Project / Planet Earth (I Think)

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I feel much better now.

WooOOO Hhooo0 (astinG oFf the dem0nz frum people is such a fuckin' 

We should, like, start a CrusadE or sumthin'  At some point a RIOT musT 
be scheduled; those are a total fucking rush too!

HeLlO Pr3s+0N.  dO eWe ha\/e hppD toO?  It so totally roX .


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