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Ho preston p,hope its going ok,I remember when they came in & tried to give me the booster,I said NO! Ill never use again! ill never use again pleases no!so i can relate,well I did use again,& again but I do remember that moment at the time it seemed so hilarious that they considered putting another drop of that weird stuff into me,now i miss it ,oh well...wish you the best-shellll

nruhtra at wrote:Dear list,
Thank you all for the information and caring support. One of the emails
said if I had the money to travel or whatever, then why not do ibogaine? 
I tell you brother, if it was that easy, I’d do it. A loved one is paying
my way to go live with them in the middle of nowhere so I can kick. And
in that middle of nowhere place it is virtually impossible to obtain dope.
Like I stated in the original email if I don’t have access to the dope
then I won’t do it. But if I do have access and try to kick, then after
the first 24 hours I’ll be out on the streets scoring.

It will still be a little while before I leave, but, I am going to see
what I can do about trying to dose with ibo. See what exactly my options
are. I don’t want to go through what I did last time. So I’m going to
see what I can do. If it’s possible, then ovcourse, I’d do it.

It’s also kinda funny some of you on the list know about the Tenderloin
(any junky in SF does). What a place. The Tenderloin and the Mission
district; there is a love hate relationship between us. It’s also where I
learned most of the Spanish I know ;)

Anyway folks, thanks again and whatever happens ill let yas know. I’ve
been on the list forever and don’t plan on leaving.


> Dear List,
> I’m kicking again. Last time I had to do this I swore to myself I would
> never do it again, but on a recent half year business trip to “The City”
> (San Francisco / Where I currently am) I gave into the temptation again
> and got hooked. Junk is on every street corner in the Tenderloin (the
> “hood” in SF, if that’s what you call it). I don’t know why I started
> again but I fucked up and we all tend to do that time and again.
> Anyways, fact is, I’ve been using everyday for six months now and once
> again I’m fucked up and hooked. If I go 24 hours without I fell like I
> pile of shit. A really big pile of shit. Well, my time is up here and
> I’m going to be leaving to a place where I can NOT obtain dope. That is
> the only way I know I can kick, if I go somewhere where I know I CAN’T get
> it. That is how I did it last time.
> Last time I kicked I cold turkeyed. No codeine based medications, no
> methadone (the devil) – all I took was Valium, Somas, Clonazapam 2mg,
> Ambien, and a majority of those other pills you see in your email box as
> spam. Basically pills that would get me through without anything that
> would feed my junk receptors. I just sat in a friend’s basement with some
> Skinny Puppy playing ambiently in the background and sweat the shit out of
> me until I was well.
> This time around I would like some advice from you fine folks for various
> over the counter, NON codeine based (duh) pain medications that works BEST
> for _back_ and _joint pain_. Also, maybe some of you know some
> prescription based pain medications that work great for kicking that does
> not feed heroin craving receptors.
> Well, OK folks any advice would be great. Unlike last time I kicked where
> I took all the previously mentioned pharmaceuticals all I did was
> basically go into a week and a half coma, but this time I want something
> for the pain. So, I would greatly appreciate any help given.
> I’ve been on this list for a really, really long time and enjoy reading
> everybody’s various experiences. I think that the people that are
> educated enough towards the subject of getting off this devil of a drug
> are doing a great service to others.
> God bless you all and thank you in advance.
> Signed, a God fearing Jesus loving junky loser scum
> Nella Ruhtra
> PS. Please don’t recommend Ibogaine. No matter how much I would love to
> dose, it is far out of my reach. Thank you again.
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