Re: [ibogaine] Dear List, I’m kicking again

Wed Aug 11 20:37:22 EDT 2004

Hi Jim,

>From what a friend told me, Beth Israel NYC offers the meth step down 
approach, but they never seem to begin at a high enough dose to ease the initial 
withdrawal, so must check out pronto and score some H.

I have done some research on the web which would suggest that private 
physicians can prescribe a compete set of withdrawal aids:subutex, klonodine and 
I understand that at a later state suboxone is usually thrown in.  Finding a 
doctor who will do it seems like a challenge, but your doc seems pretty open 
minded.  Maybe he'll do it?

And thanks for the kind word.  I will know tonight I hope if ibogaine is in 
my really near future.


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