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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Wed Aug 11 12:07:32 EDT 2004

>I'd like to put your entire series of descriptions on the Ibogaine Dossier
with your permission and without identifiers.<

You have my permission to put the descriptions up on the ID, and you may
also use identifiers. I am someone who insists that I be as open as possbiel
about what I do- and hope others can use my experiences as inspiration and
support. Plus, I NEVER ever have illegal drugs in my home or on my person
(mmmmm, ) so please feel free to use as you would like Howard.
Ok, I can't believe I'm still upright.
I hAV3e to lay down now.
RIght now.
p[eace a and love,

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> Ah Preston,
> Your words are fodder for the stomachs of us older iboganauts.  That high
> pitch keening you describe in both ears brings smiles to our faces as we
know the
> iboga is working.
> On walking...to some extent it almost seems like something you have to
> again...like being fucked up....but, try not to learn that again.
> walking...it will all come back.
> I'd like to put your entire series of descriptions on the Ibogaine Dossier
> with your permission and without identifiers.
> Thanks and keep reporting.  Glad your are here.  Welcome. Pee well and
> prosper.
> With warmest regards,
> Howard
> In a message dated 8/11/04 9:42:28 AM, ptpeet at nyc.rr.com writes:
> >HI all,
> >
> >    I took 2 grams of ibogaine to start with at 2:10 PM on Sunday.
> >    Then I took three more boosters, starting 40 minutes after the
> >dose.
> >
> >    When taking the first two boosters I still wasn't really aware of
> >feeling much at all, and kept thinking as I May have mentioned yesterday
> >that I kept thinking, "is this IT? Gee, ladida!. LOL.
> >
> >    That diddn't last very long.
> >    I began hearing a very high pitch keening in both ears.
> >    Then began to notice hallucinations and way serious ataxia (which I'm
> >still having trouble with today, 4 days later.) I didn't get any nausea,
> >but I did eat to Dexadrines about half an hour before taking the first of
> >ibogaine. I spent hour peeeing gallons into a buket next to the bed,
> >entirely unable to get to the bathroom at all.
> >
> >    I am stilll seeing very vivid and drastic trails (and I"m not
> >complaining, honest, it's just only wanting to go outside and unable
> >to navigate my 5 flights of stairs that kinda bothering me a little, but
> >again, I'm not complaining. Patience hasn't always been this particular
> >druggies strongEST points.)
> >
> >    On the topic of movies, I seem to remember someone asking recently
> >if i was actually a big silver screen with movie playing on it- Nope,
> >not the description you want to keep in mind- or perhaps that just isn't
> >it happened to me.
> >
> >    The guy who gave it to me told me, again as I noted yesterday, that
> >not everyone they're treated over the years actualy sees movies and
> >kinds of things. So I was getting a bit concerned that I was going to be
> >of those non-movie types.
> >
> >    I guess I am, because they weren't at all movies, they were as
> >told me recently, they're a freakin' HOLODECK!
> >
> >    I was THERE, in the things, experiencing everything first hand. I
> >way out in space and time (again, sounding mumbo jumbo) but I couldn't
> >really affect anything that was happening, other than to try and move out
> >of the way of one sword fight, gunbattle, bombing, etc.
> >
> >    Not a recreational drug. I think I've heard that mentioned. BOY was
> >that a truism if there ever was one.
> >
> >    As noted, I"m stll having trouble walking around my apartment so
> >outside yet is still a ways off it seems.
> >
> >    I kept trying to tell V I was GOING DJING last night (LOLOLOL) but
> >then as I walked through the kitchen with the light on a bright, there
> >these grates and fence patterns everywhere, moving very rapidly, one in
> particular
> >right directly between me and V's DJ deck...so I Took that as SOMEONE
> >telling me to shut the hell up and lay down because I wasn NOT going
> >last night- and didn't as much as I really did want to.
> >
> >    So, I realize this isn't a flowerly, beautiful report full of stream
> >of consciousness like stuff, but perhaps that'll come down the road a
> >I'm really trying to make a diary of this on this lists so that anyone
> >who decides they'd like to try this knows what's in store.
> >
> >    It is not a fun drug, but I have no withdrawals.
> >    I have already taken very small amounts of pain killers (ms-contins),
> >because while I Haven't ahabit, I do have serious fucking pain that no
> >with no opiates in me I am VERY aware of.
> >
> >    But while still very early, I can say that I've no desire at aLL to
> >do my usual 3, 4 5 or 6 at a time. I took two last night becauyse I was
> >agony, scaring V a little but she calmed down quickly when she realized
> >I really was in control and not  binging, but rather treating the pain
> without
> >seeking a high (I did lay in some poit, but even that at this point isn't
> >somethint I've smoked a lot of.
> >
> >    I Hope you all don't mine my posting these rants, but I wanted to
> >    Sooooo, to strip and lay down in my BEd again.
> >
> >Peace, and love to you all.
> >
> >Preston
> >
> >](PS- I keep hearing from people that they too, when first coming out of
> >the initial main part were very angry with their providers, that like me
> >absolutely did NOT want to take any more boosters, no way in HELL was I
> >going to put more of that Shite in my body- but after tossing and turning
> >and taking a valium to help calm me down, I took one booster, which
> >actually seem to help. And it didn't REALLY make me full on trip again
> >but I do think it prolonged, it.
> >
> >    One other thing- V told me at one point I began talking, very, very
> >fast and clearly, in some completley foreign language to anything she
> >heard I do wish she had been able to tape it but our taperecorder it
> (WHo
> >uses tapes anymore anyway,k right?>LOL)
> >
> >    Ok, I'm done and going to bed.
> >
> >More peace and a whole Lotta Love (which if you play Van Halen's eruption
> >right in the quite tripping part of whole lotta love is one of those
> >cool dj tricks I've taught myself. Try it, it sound AWEsome.)
> >
> >;-)))))))))))))))))))
> >
> >
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