[ibogaine] ok second report

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Wed Aug 11 11:59:58 EDT 2004

YEah Marc,
\    Come by here. I have some extra stength Tylonol I can give you, and
mabye can find a bowl from someone to help too.
But don't expect me to leap about joyously while yer here- I'm going to be
relatively flat.

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Yeah I agree. As for me 11 days after Ibogaine I have had a black tongue and
the worst diarrhea I could have ever imagined. Not related, a bacteria, but
a bitch just the same. Then this morning when I woke up( 3:00am) I realized
I had just about the worst headache I've ever known. It just won't stop and
I need relief. Switched antibiotics fr5om Cypro to some other shit and
although the black tongue se4ems to be getting better now I think I
might.... I can't take this anymore and I'm tired of being positive. I felt
like my body was catching up with my mind for the past two weeks and it was
an incredible feeling but now I just have the motha of headaches and I can't
seem to think straight let alone hold on to the feeling of wanting to be
 Anyone out there? -m.

BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
Man it is good to wake up and see that Preston is all right and reporting
well given his condition. If I didn't have constraints at home I'd be on the
peace train too. You ROCK Preston, tell us more when you can.    Randy

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