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Wed Aug 11 11:55:01 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/11/04 10:37:28 AM, ptpeet at nyc.rr.com writes:

>what's safest for someone like me, who only has half his large intestines
>and missing a couple feet of small intestines, to take to help me go to
>the bathroom? SOrry to be so crude onlist here, but the ibogaine seems to 
>stopped up my insides, my bowels anyway, not my bladder at all.
>I tried a lot of fruit yesterday, and a plum too, but nothing seems to
>have helped yet, and I'm scared to keep eating if I can't go to the bathroom.
>    I'm a little afraid of ex-lax, but is that safe enough for me, if I
>eat a very, very small piece of it maybe?

When was the last time you have eaten? Did you move your bowels during the 
ibogaine experience.  You are lucky to have had a brave provider who would treat 
you with all those missing components since many of the more formal providers 
would not.  But, it is good to know.  

What did you take for constipation in the past.  Call your doctor and tell 
him you are constipated and ask his advice.  Are you compacted?  Call your 
doctor.  Get medical advice.  Do you have any other symptoms?  The guy in the UK 
who took indra and died in 2000, took a dump and died.  You should be informed.  
Call you doctor and ask advice and tell him of any other symptoms.  Abdominal 
pain?  Etc?  Possibly, dumping and walking are associated.  Walk and you will 
dump...maybe.  Ask you doctors advice re the issue of dumping.


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