third report

Preston Peet ptpeet at
Wed Aug 11 10:41:57 EDT 2004

HI all,
    I took 2 grams of ibogaine to start with at 2:10 PM on Sunday.
    Then I took three more boosters, starting 40 minutes after the initial
    When taking the first two boosters I still wasn't really aware of
feeling much at all, and kept thinking as I May have mentioned yesterday
that I kept thinking, "is this IT? Gee, ladida!. LOL.
    That diddn't last very long.
    I began hearing a very high pitch keening in both ears.
    Then began to notice hallucinations and way serious ataxia (which I'm
still having trouble with today, 4 days later.) I didn't get any nausea, but
I did eat to Dexadrines about half an hour before taking the first of hte
ibogaine. I spent hour peeeing gallons into a buket next to the bed,
entirely unable to get to the bathroom at all.
    I am stilll seeing very vivid and drastic trails (and I"m not
complaining, honest, it's just only wanting to go outside and unable still
to navigate my 5 flights of stairs that kinda bothering me a little, but
again, I'm not complaining. Patience hasn't always been this particular
druggies strongEST points.)
    On the topic of movies, I seem to remember someone asking recently if it
was actually a big silver screen with movie playing on it- Nope, that's not
the description you want to keep in mind- or perhaps that just isn't how it
happened to me.
    The guy who gave it to me told me, again as I noted yesterday, that not
everyone they're treated over the years actualy sees movies and nivana kinds
of things. So I was getting a bit concerned that I was going to be one of
those non-movie types.
    I guess I am, because they weren't at all movies, they were as Patrick
told me recently, they're a freakin' HOLODECK!
    I was THERE, in the things, experiencing everything first hand. I went
way out in space and time (again, sounding mumbo jumbo) but I couldn't
really affect anything that was happening, other than to try and move out of
the way of one sword fight, gunbattle, bombing, etc.
    Not a recreational drug. I think I've heard that mentioned. BOY was that
a truism if there ever was one.
    As noted, I"m stll having trouble walking around my apartment so going
outside yet is still a ways off it seems.
    I kept trying to tell V I was GOING DJING last night (LOLOLOL) but then
as I walked through the kitchen with the light on a bright, there were these
grates and fence patterns everywhere, moving very rapidly, one in particular
right directly between me and V's DJ I Took that as SOMEONE
telling me to shut the hell up and lay down because I wasn NOT going djing
last night- and didn't as much as I really did want to.
    So, I realize this isn't a flowerly, beautiful report full of stream of
consciousness like stuff, but perhaps that'll come down the road a bit. I'
m really trying to make a diary of this on this lists so that anyone else
who decides they'd like to try this knows what's in store.
    It is not a fun drug, but I have no withdrawals.
    I have already taken very small amounts of pain killers (ms-contins),
because while I Haven't ahabit, I do have serious fucking pain that no with
no opiates in me I am VERY aware of.
    But while still very early, I can say that I've no desire at aLL to do
my usual 3, 4 5 or 6 at a time. I took two last night becauyse I was in
agony, scaring V a little but she calmed down quickly when she realized I
really was in control and not  binging, but rather treating the pain without
seeking a high (I did lay in some poit, but even that at this point isn't
somethint I've smoked a lot of.
    I Hope you all don't mine my posting these rants, but I wanted to share.
    Sooooo, to strip and lay down in my BEd again.
Peace, and love to you all.
](PS- I keep hearing from people that they too, when first coming out of the
initial main part were very angry with their providers, that like me they
absolutely did NOT want to take any more boosters, no way in HELL was I
going to put more of that Shite in my body- but after tossing and turning
and taking a valium to help calm me down, I took one booster, which didn't
actually seem to help. And it didn't REALLY make me full on trip again but I
do think it prolonged, it.
    One other thing- V told me at one point I began talking, very, very fast
and clearly, in some completley foreign language to anything she every heard
I do wish she had been able to tape it but our taperecorder it broken (WHo
uses tapes anymore anyway,k right?>LOL)
    Ok, I'm done and going to bed.
More peace and a whole Lotta Love (which if you play Van Halen's eruption
right in the quite tripping part of whole lotta love is one of those really
cool dj tricks I've taught myself. Try it, it sound AWEsome.)

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