[ibogaine] first report---

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 23:22:37 EDT 2004

Patrick a very short question. Why do you keep doing
ibogaine? You said the first time you did ibogaine
your reaction to it was a lot like Preston's. Here's
your own quote from JAMA "It was like dying and going
to hell 1000 times."

Why would anyone want to keep doing that? I've done it
twice and the fear of having to do it a third time is
part of what keeps me clean! :-)

Preston welcome back! Love to both of you

Carla B

--- "Patrick K. Kroupa" <digital at phantom.com> wrote:

> On Aug 10, 2004, at 6:09 PM, Preston Peet wrote:
> > ouch, that wasn't at all fun, no sire not at all,
> and now I amazed 
> > that anyonje would want to do this TWICE, not just
> once.
> >     I Mena, ouch.But I saws some amzaing things.
> > Ok, that's it./ I}gopopt lay down atain.
> > Peace
> >
> I'll remind you of these thoughts when you're on
> ibogaine 10 or so 
> Preston.
> Rock the fuck out do0d!
> Patrick

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