Re: [ibogaine] Dear List, I’m kicking again

Tue Aug 10 20:32:05 EDT 2004

Hi Jim,

Short term detox from my experience is detox which mainly relies on subutex, 
klonodine, and trazadone.  Nurses keep you on schedule.  Fellow inmates with 
really bad habits swore this was the most painless detox they ever experienced. 
 I was given this protocol at Sunrise House in NJ, but I really didn't have a 
habit so I'm not one to go by.  Everyone I talked to who have a whopper habit 
was amazed how little they suffered.

Most 12 step rehabs I have been in gave nothing but motrin, herbal tea and 
trazadone for detox.  They believe you should suffer through it.  Sunrise House, 
though, while clearly 12 step on the detox side, was not incompassionate on 
the detox side like the others I've been in.

BTW  I think 12 step is fine for those who it works for as far as that goes.  
After 20 years of NA however, I decided it really would never work before, 
and unless I want to die a homeless, broke junkie with HIV and hepC (which is 
where I was in May this year) I really better try a different route.  I did 
attend meetings in San Francisco when I was at that point, but nobody, I mean 
nobody would give me the time of day at the NA meetings I attended.  It was hard 
to get a hello.  The AA meetings were slightly friendlier.  I know I smelled, 
and had a three day beard, but I thought 12 step programs welcomed people when 
they are that state..or at least suggest other help.
Just added to my ill feeling toward NA.  
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