Re: [ibogaine] Dear List, I’m kicking again

D H dave at
Tue Aug 10 02:14:46 EDT 2004

Dear Nella,

ahhh... memories.

the TL used to be my main stomping grounds... and when the paddy wagons  
were on the prowl... the good ole mission.

perhaps you know Rich the Snitch, or Texas, or my good pal Sergio?

nasty business, shooting that tar.

yet I Digress.

One thing I can say for sure is, wherever you go, there you are.

I'd say Ibogaine would be a grand idea for you. oh, but thats out of  
reach... sorry. I wish it weren't. I really do.

barring that, getting out of town, renting a few dozen good movies,  
obtaining a handful of benzo's and some sleeping aids is what I would  
do. And hook up with some folks who are clean during/after your detox.

the pain thing... Its a tough call. Depending on the type of pain,  
there is Toridol, vioxx, neurontin, etc.

There is also something called wobenzyme that helps some folks, for a  
while at least, which is health food store type material. Mainly helps  
with inflamation pain.

I've had to deal with pain management post-ibogaine, and have been thru  
the entire spectrum.

Preventative measures like exercise and yoga really are the best, but  
somehow I never could get in the mood for any of that shit while I was  
kicking. something to think about afterwards, tho.

But I will say getting fresh air and sunshine - especially early in the  
day- will help with your head space. Basements and skinny puppy aren't  
exactly uplifting.

I would reccomend getting a really good strain of indica and smoke it  
when the cravings hit really bad. For me, good indica is kind of like  
truth serum, I could never mix it with heroin, it was a conflict of  
interest. heroin=Mind numbing and mind-narrowing. indica=mind-inspiring  
and mind-expanding. It also helps relax you which in turn helps relieve  

best of luck,


p.s. oh yeah, don't let the noise in your head get louder than the  
music in your heart.

On Monday, August 9, 2004, at 01:59 PM, nruhtra at wrote:

> Dear List,
> I’m kicking again.  Last time I had to do this I swore to myself I  
> would
> never do it again, but on a recent half year business trip to “The  
> City”
> (San Francisco / Where I currently am) I gave into the temptation again
> and got hooked.  Junk is on every street corner in the Tenderloin (the
> “hood” in SF, if that’s what you call it).  I don’t know why I started
> again but I fucked up and we all tend to do that time and again.
> Anyways, fact is, I’ve been using everyday for six months now and once
> again I’m fucked up and hooked.  If I go 24 hours without I fell like I
> pile of shit.  A really big pile of shit.  Well, my time is up here and
> I’m going to be leaving to a place where I can NOT obtain dope.  That  
> is
> the only way I know I can kick, if I go somewhere where I know I CAN’T  
> get
> it.  That is how I did it last time.
> Last time I kicked I cold turkeyed.  No codeine based medications, no
> methadone (the devil) – all I took was Valium, Somas, Clonazapam 2mg,
> Ambien, and a majority of those other pills you see in your email box  
> as
> spam.  Basically pills that would get me through without anything that
> would feed my junk receptors.  I just sat in a friend’s basement with  
> some
> Skinny Puppy playing ambiently in the background and sweat the shit  
> out of
> me until I was well.
> This time around I would like some advice from you fine folks for  
> various
> over the counter, NON codeine based (duh) pain medications that works  
> for _back_ and _joint pain_.  Also, maybe some of you know some
> prescription based pain medications that work great for kicking that  
> does
> not feed heroin craving receptors.
> Well, OK folks any advice would be great.  Unlike last time I kicked  
> where
> I took all the previously mentioned pharmaceuticals all I did was
> basically go into a week and a half coma, but this time I want  
> something
> for the pain.  So, I would greatly appreciate any help given.
> I’ve been on this list for a really, really long time and enjoy reading
> everybody’s various experiences.  I think that the people that are
> educated enough towards the subject of getting off this devil of a drug
> are doing a great service to others.
> God bless you all and thank you in advance.
> Signed, a God fearing Jesus loving junky loser scum
> Nella Ruhtra
> PS.  Please don’t recommend Ibogaine.  No matter how much I would love  
> to
> dose, it is far out of my reach.  Thank you again.
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