Re: [ibogaine] Dear List, I’m kicking again

HSLotsof at HSLotsof at
Mon Aug 9 23:48:50 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/9/04 6:59:48 PM, nruhtra at writes:

>This time around I would like some advice from you fine folks for various
>over the counter, NON codeine based (duh) pain medications that works BEST
>for _back_ and _joint pain_.  Also, maybe some of you know some
>prescription based pain medications that work great for kicking that does
>not feed heroin craving receptors.

Neurontin is getting a lot of medical flags in the non-opioid pain relief 
while kicking area. 

It is obvious we have to get religious organization backing to send potential 
ibogaine patients to out of the US treatment providers.

Good luck.  Sorry you don't have ibogaine.


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