[ibogaine] descrimination and exclusion by junkies!

D H dave at phantom.com
Mon Aug 9 23:43:07 EDT 2004

On Monday, August 9, 2004, at 05:27 PM, Vector Vector wrote:

> I don't understand any of this, what did Patrick write, I got the
> intention and LMAO what I didn't get is what does that mean or do?
> Lemon juice, cooker, rig, crack does what? Using my brain to fill in
> the parts I know, cooker is a spoon? rig is syringe, crack is crack,
> what does lemon juice do? What happens if you inject lemon juice?
> Don't make me feel like a total idiot for asking! A group of people all
> replied like they understood exactly what it meant so let me join the
> cluetrain :) Thanks in advance :)
> .:vector:.

ignore the crack and lemon juice.

skip the cooker and rig.

its kinda like... Dr Jekyl and Meester Hyde.

it hurts like fuck if you inject and miss with lemon juice.

you're better off not knowing.


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