descrimination and exclusion by junkies!

Vector Vector vector620022002 at
Mon Aug 9 23:27:41 EDT 2004

I don't understand any of this, what did Patrick write, I got the
intention and LMAO what I didn't get is what does that mean or do?
Lemon juice, cooker, rig, crack does what? Using my brain to fill in
the parts I know, cooker is a spoon? rig is syringe, crack is crack,
what does lemon juice do? What happens if you inject lemon juice?

Don't make me feel like a total idiot for asking! A group of people all
replied like they understood exactly what it meant so let me join the
cluetrain :) Thanks in advance :)


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> From: CallieMimosa at
> Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 20:30:59 EDT
> To: ibogaine at
> Subject: Re: [ibogaine] New Ibogaine List
> In a message dated 8/9/2004 7:04:05 PM Central
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> digital at writes:
> > 
> > Could be  worse, at least I'm not a basehead ...
> > what a buncha fuckin'  
> > lowlifes.  Go get sum lemon juice, a cooker and a
> > rig, what's wrong  
> > with all of you anyway!??!?!
> > 
> > God bless us,  everyonE.
> > 
> hahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
> I love you Patrick and I don't even know  you!
> Callie

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