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Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 22:49:27 EDT 2004

Hi Nella,
Can't do the Ibo, yea I know, it's hell being poor.  So you fell of the wagon and gave in to temptation - join the club.  The one thing I learned from detrox and NA (OK, you guys quit screaming) is you got to change your friends that use.  If you hang around with those that use it is usually a matter of time before you start using, of course you know that.
There is really no easy way.  If there was an easy way there were be no detox places.  I hate to say it but your gonna suffer.
They say catapress, a blood pressuer pill, can help but it did not seem to do much for me.  However, I was using about $100 to $150 per day of STRONG stuff.
Valium can help somewhat as can (I imagine) Ambian.  My insurance does not cover Ambian, I wish it did.  If it did I would switch off between it and Restoril.  Restoril is a benzo based sleeping pill they make 15 and 30 mg.  I would say you would need the 30 mg ones.  The Valium can help but as time goes on it gets to be you can take a handful and nothing happens.  The bad part is quitting Valium can cause seizures it may take 10 day for that to occure for Valium has a very long half life so I would strongly suggest tappering off after 5 or so days.  And after 5 or so days it will no longer be helping you since you will have built up a tolerance.
For aches and pains, I have no idea.   Same for the sweats and cold chills.  Of course sleep as much as possible for when your sleeping you are out of pain.  Damn doesn't time seem to go slow, specially when your up 24 hours for most of the bad part.
My number one favorite is Imodium get generic ones they are cheaper and work the same.  If you read about Imodium in the PDR it says that when given to monkeys in a greater than recommended dose it help stops withdrawal.  However, it does not say how much that is.  I have a spastic colon and take from 4 to 8 per day.  It is the best non narcotic anti-diarrheal pill that I know of.  However, I am not a doctor, nurse or anything like that,  just an addict or junkie who has been through it many times.  A few of my friends went to shrinks and they all seem to give Serax ( a benzo ), catapress and Restoril.  Of course that was many years ago.  A few people may answer your letter and offer some herbs that may help sooth the stomach.  You may go to a health food store and ask or ask a pharmacist what can he give you to help an upset stomach.
I know I was pretty sick for 5 days, just laid in bed and did not eat anything.  The next week I had gas and they gave me simethacone.  That helped quiet a bit, it is embarrassing just farting away.  Then came the sneezing for a week.  And I was freezing my ass off.  I had a shirt and sweater and everyone else was going around in a short sleeve shirt.  They joked and said that's because they had anti-freeze in them.  I was one sick puppy.  But after two long weeks I started feeling a better.  In fact I remember it took two weeks and two days before I felt normal.  However, I still had trouble sleeping and still had the cravings.  If I could have taken the whole thing over after the 3 weeks and I was out I would of taken Trexan or naltrexan (not narcan which is Naloxone
, but shorting lasting and must be shot up.) most docs will give it to you.  They cost about $3.00 per 50 mg pill and if you take a pill a day you will not feel anything if you shoot up for it is a narcotic antagonist.  Whatever you do don't use then take a naltrexan for you will experience the worst withdrawal symptoms you ever had - ask anybody on this forum.
You seem to have it down except the Immdium and simethacone.  Maybe some one else will give you another tip or two.
I remember taking a trip to SF and stayed in the Tenderloin 238 Eddie St back between Christmas and New Years Day 1980.  Was there for about a week.  Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show and China Town.  Crazy to the max.  But the people were nice, you would just meet a guy and next thing one of you would bring out a joint, just like picking up a hitch hicker in the hippie days.  You got some, yea, do you, Yea wanna try mine or yours.  
Three guys were gonna mug me I saw it coming so I stopped put my back against the wall and started cleaning my fingernails with a $2.00 knief.  They looked, smilled and kept walking.  They felt it was not worth the hassle, they could find someone else who was not paying attention.  No, I'm not a bad ass, just been around.
Oh, by the way maybe some Rx like Toradole(sp) might help, in detox they offer Robaxin(sp) but it did not seem to help.  If your gonna go to a doc they will give you some Toradole or Robaxin but I doubt if they will give you Valium or Restoril or Ambion, however a shrink may give you a little something like Serax which is about the same as a Valium.
I had to move from Detroit to Texas back in 80 and again in 90.  I find if I go to a place where I don't know anyone who uses the hard stuff I am better off.  When the stuff is close by, like a one hour ride, the temptation is too strong.  Then also make naltrexon implants that last about 6 months but they are VERY expensive like $400 or so from what I heard.  I would say keep a pill on you  and if you get a craven or get with users drop one right away, wait an hour and you will be fine. 
One more word of caution, do not try to override the naltraxon for you will keep doing and doing and not get high, then do once more and die.  I don't know why, but never try to override the naltraxon.  Of course this is just a layman's opinion.  But you can ask your doc and see if I'm right.  Better safe than sorry.  Remember, if you die those who care about you will feel the pain.
I wish you the best,
  - JIM
nruhtra at dsskcorp.com wrote:
Dear List,
I’m kicking again. Last time I had to do this I swore to myself I would
never do it again, but on a recent half year business trip to “The City”
(San Francisco / Where I currently am) I gave into the temptation again
and got hooked. Junk is on every street corner in the Tenderloin (the
“hood” in SF, if that’s what you call it). I don’t know why I started
again but I fucked up and we all tend to do that time and again.
Anyways, fact is, I’ve been using everyday for six months now and once
again I’m fucked up and hooked. If I go 24 hours without I fell like I
pile of shit. A really big pile of shit. Well, my time is up here and
I’m going to be leaving to a place where I can NOT obtain dope. That is
the only way I know I can kick, if I go somewhere where I know I CAN’T get
it. That is how I did it last time.
Last time I kicked I cold turkeyed. No codeine based medications, no
methadone (the devil) – all I took was Valium, Somas, Clonazapam 2mg,
Ambien, and a majority of those other pills you see in your email box as
spam. Basically pills that would get me through without anything that
would feed my junk receptors. I just sat in a friend’s basement with some
Skinny Puppy playing ambiently in the background and sweat the shit out of
me until I was well.

This time around I would like some advice from you fine folks for various
over the counter, NON codeine based (duh) pain medications that works BEST
for _back_ and _joint pain_. Also, maybe some of you know some
prescription based pain medications that work great for kicking that does
not feed heroin craving receptors.

Well, OK folks any advice would be great. Unlike last time I kicked where
I took all the previously mentioned pharmaceuticals all I did was
basically go into a week and a half coma, but this time I want something
for the pain. So, I would greatly appreciate any help given.

I’ve been on this list for a really, really long time and enjoy reading
everybody’s various experiences. I think that the people that are
educated enough towards the subject of getting off this devil of a drug
are doing a great service to others.

God bless you all and thank you in advance.
Signed, a God fearing Jesus loving junky loser scum
Nella Ruhtra

PS. Please don’t recommend Ibogaine. No matter how much I would love to
dose, it is far out of my reach. Thank you again.

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