[ibogaine] New Ibogaine List

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Mon Aug 9 21:35:16 EDT 2004

On Aug 9, 2004, at 8:57 PM, UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:

>  Hi Patrick,
>  It is really cool drinking coffee with all these junkies.  II have 
> cut down to one sugar form a high of six..progress I guess.  Anyway, I 
> understand and respect the purpose of the new list.  i do want to say, 
> however, that as my possibility of being Bo experience gets greater, I 
> get much out of hearing from those who have dosed. So perhaps the list 
> could open to those anticipate ibogaine in the very near future? I 
> would be willing to agree to voluntarily keep my virtual mouthshut 
> (lurk)? if that would please I'll better over there.

D'oh, my bad.  Somewhere between phone call #3 and #5 while I was 
wr0ting dat, I lost a sentence or my mind or sumthin'  The PLAN IS to 
have both lists OPEN to everybody.

Just, ya know, try to resonate at a higher vibrational frequency on the 
Sacrament List, and Glow with an Inner Radiant Purity.

>  Sean
>  BTW: I never got to stay this long broke in a crackhouse. Ever. 
> period. No loot..there's the goddamn door mofucker....or at least an 
> escort to an ATM:(

We're very enlightened here, we accept credit cards!  They don't even 
need to be yours, as long as you FAX BACK a SIGNED STATEMENT promising 
that it sho do b U.  That way we keep the money, there is no 
chargeback, and the credit card company eats it.

It's the Amerikan way, and I'm proud to be a happy citizen of the Evil 
Empire.  Wooo Hooo, let's Pave the Earth!



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