lab tests OK

Mon Aug 9 21:18:46 EDT 2004

Hey list,

I cannot tell you all how excited I am.  My EKG and liver tests are OK and I 
may be off for treatment this weekend.  I owe a big thanks to my long 
suffering family for making such quick plans possible.  If all goes well, I will be 
off list after Thursday, and reporting results about 10 days later.

I can't express the feeling of hope that I have right now. I really do very 
deeply want to be free of the chains of H and base, and the kickstart I have 
been looking for into a new life seem so near.  And list, you guys are the 
ultimate best.  I never would have taken this step without you.


PS My longshoreman coworkers are all rotten for me.  Today one of buds on the 
pier said,"Yo, what's up wid the ibowhatevuh it is.  I really hope it helps 
you."  I have good news tomorrow!

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