Re: [ibogaine] Dear List, I’m kicking again

Mon Aug 9 20:36:12 EDT 2004

Hey Nella,

You have confirmed my suspicions that the Tenderloin has not changed since 
May, my last time in San Fran.  I'm from NJ, 30 minutes from NYC or Newark, 
cities which are no lightweights when it comes to drugs.  But I will tell you I 
never found it easier to score dope at any time than San Francisco.  After three 
weeks in that fine city I was homeless and selling my foodstamps.

Came back to NJ, cleaned up once with much support form this list, have used 
heroin tree times after cleaning up..playing with fire basically.  I have 
tried all sorts of support groups 12 step and not to stay clean without success.  
So basically ibogaine feels like a chance for a new start.  Getting white 
chips in NA can no longer feel like that for me.  Too many years.  I need to do 
something different.  In my case, harm reduction and health permitting, very 
soon, ibogaine.

A couple of questions, if you don't mind.   Is a short term detox feasible 
for you? How about ibogaine?  Whatever path you choose, it's really cool that 
you felt you could come here for support.  This list is mad cool, and there is 
more experience with dope and dope kicking than anywhere on the net.

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