New Ibogaine List

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at
Mon Aug 9 20:01:24 EDT 2004


I just sped-read most of the messages that were posted here over the 
last two weeks or so...  And ... right now there is a Sacrament list.  
I'm not really clear why we want TWO more ibogaine lists -- bringing it 
up to a total of three -- to light up.

'Cuz, from past experience, the only thing that will end up happening, 
is people will have the same series of conversations across 3 different 
lists, accomplishing nothing except creating a big mess.

I think ... what's gonna happen is, Sacrament will be relit (this 
actually means a few more flags get thrown on it, and it's announced 
someplace), and it'll become...

Well, what I leaning towards is a list that is generally geared towards 
the discussion of sacramental use(s) of ibogaine; the sharing of 
experiences from those who have done it (whether you wanna talk about 
the visionary aspects, or how to maintain post-ibogaine, or 
whateverTheFuck) and, whatever comes up...

Whereas THIS will remain the central ibogaine list.


I sorta think it's a poor idea to restrict the Sacrament list to only 
those who have already done ibogaine.  Partially because it is 
exclusionary -- and many of the way-fucked do seem to derive a lot of 
hope and inspiration from just their awareness of ibogaine, and 
interacting with people who have used it to step out of drug 

But, in addition to all that...  I'm not the babysitter or hall 
monitor.  While I know a lot of you personally, and many of you over 
the phone or email or whatever...  I have absolutely no way of knowing 
if some random person has dosed or not.  Maybe they have, maybe they've 
just read a lot of experience reports, maybe nearly anything...  

The bottom line is...  If you're so fragile that reading the thoughts 
of another person who is still using drugs -- which you've stopped 
doing -- will somehow tarnish you, destroy your radiant purity, or make 
you relapse...  Then possibly you've got other things to worry about 
rather then whether ALL the people you talk to have done ibogaine.

At the same time I recognize that a lotta people do want to discuss 
IBOGAINE, and not hear war stories or junkie coffee talk.  So, I think, 
the only request will be: please try to respect the purpose of the 
Sacrament list, and don't fill it up with ... well, Junkie Coffee Talk 
<insert emoticon here>.  Because people DO complain about that shit.  
"I like THE LIST, buT...  Every time I open up my mailbox there are 500 
new messages, and then, ThEN, THEN, I *CLICK* and I'm not finding any 
ibogaine!@#!!!  I, I ... I had to eat two Xanax to calm down.  It was 

Yeah, well, ya know ... therein lies the beauty of using whatever email 
client makes you happy, and learning how to set the filters.

Thusly, to sum it all up: THIS is the main list, temple, chapel, 
gathering space, bar, shooting gallery, crackhouse, anti-12-step 
meeting, and meat market, all smoOshed together... and Junkie Coffee 
Talk is more than welcome; since, above all else, I think we're a 

Try to be respectful that the purpose of the Sacrament list is slightly 

If this doesn't work out, well, we can try sumthin' else.

If you have input, please give it.  If you don't want to send it out to 
the entire list and discuss it, feel free to email me, with "Regarding 
Sacrament List" somewhere in the subject line ... if you don't use that 
topic, my filters will toss it wherever, and I may never see it.  I may 
not have time to respond, but I will read it.

Thanks.  A junkie from New York,


Could be worse, at least I'm not a basehead ... what a buncha fuckin' 
lowlifes.  Go get sum lemon juice, a cooker and a rig, what's wrong 
with all of you anyway!??!?!

God bless us, everyonE.

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