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None of the autopsies were conclusive.  If they were it would make things 

The best advice I can give is don't have a cardiovascular disorder.  Stay 
hydrated.  Drink a lot of water for a few days prior to ibogaine. So far I think 
we are looking at five ibogaine-related fatalities in about two thousand 
treatments. In 2002 there were about one thousand methadone-related fatalities 
among 240,000 methadone patients in the US.  That was a high point.  In 1999, I 
believe 116,000 patients died in US hospitals from  FDA-approved drug-related 
fatalities. I can't give you any guarantees or any answers.  I would suggest you 
don't dwell on death.  There is enough other stuff to consider though 
ultimately death is a subject we all address.  If Ibogaine were more available and 
openly available, you could take a little and see if there were any negative 
effects and come back a week later and take a greater amount, etc., to gain some 
comfort level. But, in reality one never knows what is going to happen.  I 
would take these discussion up with your ibogaine provider.


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>Howard, Good Morning! My topic has nothing to do with 'religion'. It is
>something you once wrote about but I nevger really gleamed a firm response
>from you. It is about death and Ibogaine. I spoke with Sara about this
>as well 
>and she did have some specifics but about the same as you. You stated there
>were 4 known deaths resulting from experiences with Ibo, but you believed
>Sara said it?) two of the people had heart disease and should not have
>been doing 
>it at that time in their life and the other two got high during their session
>or right after and not believing their tolerance level to opiates decreased,
>they died (really OD'd from getting off) Weren't there autopsies? Didn't
>anyone follow up on this? The reason I'm bringing this up is I intend to
>Ibogaine with Sara in the fall, but something came up here in NYC. I was
>asked not to 
>really talk about it in detail yet but it/s going to happen for me in two
>weeks and I'm ...well I doin't want to be concerned with my dying while
>on IBO. I 
>mean if I die, I die but I don't wish to dwell on it while experiencing.
>don't want to create a negative 'set' for my experience. Please help me
>this issue. To others on the forum, I didn't  want to sound cryptic or
>sneaky and 
>I'll ask these people if I can talk about  it a little more. I can tell
>if you if you have the funds and wish to do Ibogaine, they are looking
>"spread the joy" so to speak. Write me at dustfcker0 at aol.com on Tuesday.
>                                                                   Thanks

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