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Howard, Good Morning! My topic has nothing to do with 'religion'. It is about 
something you once wrote about but I nevger really gleamed a firm response 
from you. It is about death and Ibogaine. I spoke with Sara about this as well 
and she did have some specifics but about the same as you. You stated there 
were 4 known deaths resulting from experiences with Ibo, but you believed (or 
Sara said it?) two of the people had heart disease and should not have been doing 
it at that time in their life and the other two got high during their session 
or right after and not believing their tolerance level to opiates decreased, 
they died (really OD'd from getting off) Weren't there autopsies? Didn't 
anyone follow up on this? The reason I'm bringing this up is I intend to do 
Ibogaine with Sara in the fall, but something came up here in NYC. I was asked not to 
really talk about it in detail yet but it/s going to happen for me in two 
weeks and I'm ...well I doin't want to be concerned with my dying while on IBO. I 
mean if I die, I die but I don't wish to dwell on it while experiencing. I 
don't want to create a negative 'set' for my experience. Please help me with 
this issue. To others on the forum, I didn't  want to sound cryptic or sneaky and 
I'll ask these people if I can talk about  it a little more. I can tell you 
if you if you have the funds and wish to do Ibogaine, they are looking to 
"spread the joy" so to speak. Write me at dustfcker0 at aol.com on Tuesday.
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