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>Sandy, I personally am very glad you post. I've tried everything and failed
>too if you want to call it that. But I have to say that all of the modalities
>that I have tried taught me something. Well, I thought I had tried it all
>till I heard of Ibogaine. Anyway, RBT, RET changed me a lot and AA kept me 
>killing myself, I just can't get totally straight. I've got high hopes
>for Ibogaine but I think acceptance is the key no matter what comes along and
>It looks  like you have a firm grasp on that concept. I hope I can keep the 
>positive attitude as you when all is said and done. Thanx     Randy  


Failure is a terrible word that nails us to the cross and weighs us down. 
Possibly in this case we can say it is a word of devil prohibitionists.  In my 
attempt to have ibogaine accepted as an FDA approved medication I lost the 
vision of your doctor walking to your bedside in the hospital and introducing 
himself, "Hi, I am your nganga." and of the nurses and support staff having harps 
and drums and dancing to make you well.


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