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>What does all of it mean? I'm right back to what
>Howard wrote about this being a Temple and it feels
>that way which is a great feeling but I've been here 3
>years at least now and I still don't get it and feel
>like I spend a lot of my time inside this mystery
>thinking that all of it will make sense someday but
>none of it ever does, it only gets weirder and keeps

The simple first.  I told Preston this was a chapel, and temple is fine also. 
so that it would be an appropriate place for him to describe his ibogaine 
experience.  Excluding my first meetings with ibogaine in the 1960s I first came 
into contact with other participants in Bwiti in 1987 and with enthologists 
who studied them about the same time.  In all that time I could never figure out 
what the secret part of the ceremony was.  Then I had a discussion with Steve 
Anker who had just come back from Gabon where he underwent a Bwiti Initiation 
and Steve said the secret part was the visions you see.  So by declaring this 
list a Bwiti chapel is allows for Preston and others to provide what they 
have seen.

And, it may mean that by setting down the visions electronically and making 
them available on web pages, that has been done, that we are expanding Bwiti 
with its inherent benefit of freedom from the slavery of addiction as an act of 
free will. Of course saying, is not seeing and talking about is not 
experiencing.  I have to go back to Fernandez's book, Bwiti: An Ethnography of the 
Religious Imagination in Africa and look at the text of the Bwiti hymns/prayers.  I 
think some are there and see what the words are.  It has been some years.


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