[ibogaine] question

D H dave at phantom.com
Sun Aug 8 03:04:39 EDT 2004

> I miss the other world being as near as it was.Its not like Im 
> ignorant that its right here for the taking,i meditate ,do 
> yoga,intense exercise,acupuncture,etc,I just miss the freebie in 
> freshly post trip phase,that incredible gift iboga offers.Cant very 
> well keep doin ibogaine every time it wears off.

Hey Shelly,

I know excatly what you are talking about.

in the couple months post ibo (first time around) It was as if I was in 
a magic bubble. I would go on a walk and look up at the clouds and I 
felt as tho I could just reach up and climb aboard them. My perception 
of my actions and their effect on the environment around me was 
magnified a hundred times. I was super aware, everything was glowing, I 
almost felt immortal or something like that. A completely clean slate 
like I had just reincarnated in the same life and managed to hold on to 
the wisdom the iboga re-taught me.

Then it started to fade, the old patterns returned slowly but surely 
and i got pretty depressed. ***What I forgot*** was to continue to do 
the work, my aftercare plans fell to the side and I, too went on 2 mini 
runs. But as soon as I pulled myself out of the muck and started 
working on myself, some of the ibo insights started to resurface, or 
unexplainable visions that ibo showed me began to make sense. Exercise 
was vital to this process as well. And I still continue to have iboga 
moments, 6 years and one small booster dose later.

the path gets narrow, and the issues finer and deeper and oh so fucking 
nice to let go of. Its the letting go that is the the hard work. for me 
anyhow. Iboga is just the begining, and a damn good refresher if needed.

I'd say keep doing what you are doing. and stay conscious with your 
intentions. My experienece is that it does, eventually smooth out. 
There will be dips and curves in the road but there are also beautiful 
vistas to take in.

I loved reading what you posted to Howard about your experiences, I too 
had the ancestral lineage revealed to me back to the first human, and I 
also had the Bwiti Elders looking over me, as If I were laid out on 
some sort of altar or table... the compassion, wisdom and timelessness 
in their eyes was magnificent, set in beautiful contrast to their age 
weathered faces. They were all holding sparklers and twirling them in 
small circles, as if to urge me onward, over the threshold.

anyhow, you've reminded me of some cool stuff. Thanks.


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