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shelley krupa skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 01:10:30 EDT 2004

Hey all,I want to put something out there--I talk in a few forums about how awesome ibogaine is,and I get feedback like,well the jurys still out whether youll stay sober,wait till the cravings come back(!)I have relapsed twice after my first iboga experience.I really dont think it was cravings coming back,more like my issues with boredom,lonliness, ,lack of direction & getting sucked back into old patterns from lack of consistant action in new directions.I love reading about accounts of people doing ibogaine & NEVER going back to that lifestyle & suffering.However that hasnt been the case for me.however,my relapses have been very brief,my habit less than before & I never give up,I want to stay clean so much.Im at the point now when the ibogaine ,well the noribogaine is wearing off,the antidepressant effects are dwindling,a more challenging time for me.I have no cravings ,but have more mood stuff.I miss the other world being as near as it was.Its not like Im ignorant that its right
 here for the taking,i meditate ,do yoga,intense exercise,acupuncture,etc,I just miss the freebie in freshly post trip phase,that incredible gift iboga offers.Cant very well keep doin ibogaine every time it wears off.Im wondering if any one else can relate to what Im saying.Sure theres 12 step,smart ,different paths of healing to follow(done psychotherapy for years too,lived in ashram,had guru,et all)Any feedback?-shell

HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:The Bwiti be with you and protect you and love you. The rest of us will 
follow. This is the chapel. We await the telling of your adventure.


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>Very live day Howard, but a quiet list it appears.
> I met up with Marc C. today. Wow, he looks and sounds great!
>I hope I look and sound (and obviously feel) as good as he seems to when
>I get done...very, very, very soonly now.
> Like, I'm going to be off list for a day or three (or maybe a little
>more, not sure how this will work out yet) I think. But I'll be back
>a'postin' away, describing things and such...I plan on anyway. Who knows,
>perhaps I pull a Rick and move to the desert of beautiful Arizona or
> Which I personally have admired very much ever since reading you've
>done that Rick.
> Anyway, sorry to be oblique, but you understand...I hope. It being
>an ibogaine list and all.
> Have a great few days all.

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