[ibogaine] question

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sat Aug 7 23:21:41 EDT 2004

Very live day Howard, but a quiet list it appears.
    I met up with Marc C. today. Wow, he looks and sounds great!
I hope I look and sound (and obviously feel) as good as he seems to when I
get done...very, very, very soonly now.
    Like, I'm going to be off list for a day or three (or maybe a little
more, not sure how this will work out yet) I think. But I'll be back
a'postin' away, describing things and such...I plan on anyway. Who knows,
perhaps I pull a Rick and move to the desert of beautiful Arizona or
    Which I personally have admired very much ever since reading you've done
that Rick.
    Anyway, sorry to be oblique, but you understand...I hope. It being an
ibogaine list and all.
    Have a great few days all.

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> Is it a dead day or a dead list?
> Howard
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