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Sat Aug 7 23:14:31 EDT 2004

Hi Shelley,

I also experienced the going through time immemorial to the first humans and 
into the future as far as I could determine the human time line to continue.  
It appears to be a not uncommon experience for those who take ibogaine.  Not 
universal but, not uncommon.

Further, that the basis of humanity is sexuality.  And  the timelessness of 
who we are.  One time I was walking the streets about five or six hours after 
taking ibogaine and I noticed a cop and his partner and realized that was Mrs. 
Smith's little boy.  Perceived him without the affect of his uniform or formal 
stature.  Ibogaine unites humanity as iboga united the Gabonese independence 

And when, as iboga promotes, you are so open and don't exude the fear we are 
all so used to, those you come into contact with recognize that and are not 
fearful of you and that opens door of awareness and respect and acceptance.  All 
dressed in dancing magnesium flame filling the sky.

With warmest regards,


In a message dated 8/7/04 9:48:10 PM, skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com writes:

>Ha ,yes Howard .I vote in favor of ibogaine!Perceptions,hmm harder to 
>know that if I hadnt done it the three times I wouldnt have learned all
>I did.It was like the stuff iboga revealed the first two times came together
>the third.The first time was so incredible,lots of tailor made visuals
>to pull me in ,then I saw african elders whispering about me,murmering
>about my condition,figuring me out.I did have a long phase where everything
>was horridly distorted,couldnt figure out why,did alot of blinking!finally
>,it came to a crescendo & I felt this awesome awareness that i was not
>alone here.The second time was much milder,however I has been wearing a
>fentanyl patch & did not take it off soon enough & I think it interferred
>with the efficacy of the ibogaine,also there was a saw going off ,kept
>me from going in deep,lots of bizarre visuals that did not make sense,like
>choochoo trains???However,I learned alot about Smart recovery there ,so
>it made up for the circus trip.The
> third time I did it at a loved friends home instead of a clinic setting,went
>2 days opiate free,my intention was clear,& I has a WAY awesome 
>got to see my geneology from time immemorial back to the origonal man,saw
>how parts of my dna were malformed by my ancestors programming,saw with
>total compassion why things were distorted in my last trip & my life.I
>also got some life purpose clarification statements,its like any question
>I had was finally answered,you know during the second & third phase.I didnt
>have to do all the benzos I had previously because I went longer without
>opiates prior to the iboga,so I got alot more in the process.
>The thing I love about ibogaine is the no craving part for several months
>,Im at 9 weeks now,I could go on & on.Dont get me wrong Im not advocating
>doing ibogaine outside a clinic setting,I think places like ibogaine assoc
>are great!They ,in particular are so gentle & compassionate,I recommend
>them highly!Hope  Ive communicated effectively ,hard to put it in words,but
>you probably know that! Yeah Im a Krupa not a kroupa,just another junkie
>trying my best to live the good life fully conscious-shell

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