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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sat Aug 7 10:16:25 EDT 2004

Thank you Sara.
I've heard now from a number of people, people who usually in many other
ways see things in similar light to my own way of seeing things, that have
reaffirmed my own suspicions that pot will be a beneficial ally to have
along for the ibogaine journey- when I finally do take that journey. Which I
suspect will be quite soonly. As noted, I promise to report on it when it
finally does happen, as soon as I feel able to.
    A technicality: Is HCL, Indra and all the other variations literally
ibogaine? Or is only the actual root considered ibogaine?
Thanks. It's not really important right at this point, but I'm curious and
haven't done the research to remind myself of the answer, if I do already
know it, which I think I might.

Peace and love,

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> Hi Preston,
> People who already use pot find a relief in using it before treatment as
> or in a bong, it is safe and seems to make the ibo.feel stronger, but
> relaxed.
> Everyone is diferent, but most of the people who come here like the
> medicinal use
> Of pot, it's preventive for seizures. Make  2-3 grams pot,ginger&Anise tea
> all together
> With honey and one spoon olive oil cook until almost boiling,  taking the
> Ibogaine with this tea I
> Didn't find any problems.
> Have a good Ibo. Journey!
> Sara
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