[ibogaine] Did I miss anything?

Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 7 06:07:21 EDT 2004

New version of the usual soap opera :) Marc came back from mexico and
is happy about ibogaine. You can send email to ibogaine-help and it
will send you the msgs you missed you know I hope by now.

ibogaine-get.9358_9458 at mindvox.com

yahoo is lame but less lame then hotmail it at least works and you get
a 100 meg mailbox you might want to switch.


--- Randy Hencken <randyhencken at hotmail.com> wrote:

> The server dropped me from the list for the past week or so, which  
> coincided with a vacation while I wasn't checking emails.  Did I miss
> anything that pertained to me or the Iboagaine Association.

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