[ibogaine] Did I miss anything?

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Sat Aug 7 05:19:18 EDT 2004

Randy,  If I it may help, I have been keeping up daily with the goings on 
here and I recall seeing your name come up in reverence to an after Ibo thing 
that Steve was talking about. I believe he is away right now but maybe someone 
else with a better memory than I have can be more specific. I'll try to 
reference the note on my old mail thing from AOL, but I aint no good at theses new 
fanggled thingamabobs being a red neck junkie type from KY.  Hell I can't even 
set the tab to start a new paragraph but I keep truckin' right on. On another 
note. Watching the interactions on the list and in my own self searching I keep 
seeing the word EGO flashing in my brain. I don't want to get Freudian or 
anything but I have come to realize that my ego drives me to do a lot of things 
without thinking. I always heard in AA how ego makes us fuck up and gets us in 
trouble, but I think that our ego makes us who we are we just have to be aware 
of it. This doesn't have that much to do with Ibogaine but it helps me keep 
things in perspective as I count the days until my treatment. Thank God and pass 
the Ibogaine.    Randy                       
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