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Fri Aug 6 15:12:28 EDT 2004

>"Buprenorphine, made by Reckitt Benckiser and sold under the brand name
>  Suboxone, became the first prescription medication for people addicted
>  to heroin or painkillers.

Important to note that bupe per se is NOT available. The "ox" in 
suboxone is the tip-off that the stuff is formulated with natrexan, 
so that it can't be injected without triggering a complete blockade 
of the receptors and inducing rapid detox and excruiating 
withdrawals. Yr not supposed to feel it (1/200th of a dose) if you do 
it sublingually, but people do if they're more sensitive, and that's 
the reason some people don't tolerate it well. That may also partly 
account for the 3 day blockade effect cited in the article.

I have a call into the writer.


p.s: did I mention trexan makes you go bald and impotent?
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