[ibogaine] shut up, yer not in the club

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Its kinda amazing because I need to here all stories about Ibogaine
,methodone and the war stories to continue fighting this disease and help
people !!!!!!

Thank you

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wow ok I am sorry and I mean that. I did not want to
sound better then anybody I dont think I am I said I
was having a hard time. I sincerely did not want to
offend anyone and didnt give that much though to what
I said or how I said it but Patrick did say he was
opening the sacrament and after ibogaine lists and
people requested them. I only reminded him of it.
there is no need to be so rude to me I did sign up to
the ibogaine list not drug talk.
I did not mean to offend anyone but I did sign up for
ibogaine not methadone maintenance.
I wanted to say thank you to the one person who wrote
a very sweet letter to me who I won't out unless he
says its ok and no I haven't seen him post to the list
either and the others who were much shorter and also
nice but if I want to be a bitch I could post the
letters that agree with me, not one of them is from
anyone who is posting here and all of them agreed that
they want the after-list. Why is that so wrong? its
not like any of them are talking here at all the exact
comments made were what I said, it is like junkie
coffee talk and I don't want to keep hearing it all
the time looking for that one message in 10 that is
really about ibogaine and yes that might have a lot to
do with me not being strong right now and one of the
main reasons I don't like the 12 step meetings, I
don't want to hear junkie war stories every day in my
All I did was remind Patrick of what he said was
happening anyway, that's it! Nobody ever jumps down
his throat, no sorry you all do about who's fucking
who because that's the most important thing , but he
can say anything he wants and get away with it, what
did I do that was so wrong?


lesliehughes2 at yahoo.co.uk

 --- CallieMimosa at aol.com wrote:
> Preston, I love you and have learned a LOT since I
> joined this list!
> Folk like Leslie make me want to puke! I can't
> believe she is really a
> junkie with that attitude of hers. Love and LOTS of
> hugs!
> Callie

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