[ibogaine] Leslie....please read

Allison Senepart paradisepaint at callsouth.net.nz
Fri Aug 6 12:09:51 EDT 2004

Havn't written for ages but have been trying to keep up with the mail &
reading.  Have been very tired with the Hep C thing.  Callie don't
appologise.  Your a breath of fresh air to me at least so you keep on doing
what you do.  I like reading your messages & am sure others do too.  Allison

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Humble apologies to you Leslie. I know better than to react immediately and
spout off at the mouth but somehow knowing better does not keep me from
doing it!
You did not deserve the mean things I sarcastically directed to you.
I hope you are also feeling better this morning.
We all need to hear about your experience. Hearing from others that have
done Ibogaine is what gave me hope in the first place.
I am saving for my treatment and slowly bringing my Methadone dose down but
honestly it will be months before I can even begin to plan my treatment
Were you not once in my spot?
I am not wealthy. I care for my significant other whose addiction left him a
quadriplegic in a wheelchair with no control over his body functions. 
I am not asking for sympathy only for some understanding. 
My will would be to jet off to Mexico today and do Ibogaine tomorrow but my
will is not possible. My treatment will come in time.
Please share with me. I will listen and respond if you will do the same.
Isn't Patrick on a vacation for a while? Seems I remember him saying he
would be off list for a while. He passed the baton to someone I just don't
remember who.
Hopefully you will accept my apology,
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