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Fri Aug 6 12:02:15 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,
Perhaps I should of used the word addict or user rather than junkie.  The story about Ibogaine that I read said that a user of narcotic drugs noticed that he did not need to do his 'fix' or medicine or narcotics after using Ibogaine.
When you read the second or third paragraph I say in part  -
... rather than say well I am off  the hard stuff let the others take care of their own problems he tried to help.  I said that he gave of his time, help and energy to help others. I said that he fought to make Ibogaine available to users who are hooked and see no way out other than the PAIN of withdrawal which seldom works because the cravings are still there.  I called it another tool to help the addicted, which in my humble opinion is way better than anything I have seen so far.  There are really only three or four durgs legally available to help fight addiction - Methadone - LLam and Bupe (two or more kinds, subutex and subonone and maybe another).  
It was my intention to praise Howard and thank him.  All of us have problems, all of us.  I am sure Howard has problems, but he tries to help others, he tries to make the world a better place, he tries to help the suffering addict.  As most of us know suffering addicts are not a priority on the war on drugs.  Addicts are not well liked by hospitals and doctors.  Howard used hard drugs, did Ibogaine and found that he no longer NEEDED to do hard drugs.  Of those on this list, if you could make one wish would it be get me off these addicting drugs that have or soon will ruin my life?  There was one person who said something to the order that - I was going down fast,  I was headed for jail, methadone saved me, if it were not for methadone I might be there now.  That could fit a lot of us.
As I said in my apology to Howard, I am a Detroit junkie ( or addict or user ) and do not cast stones.  In Detroit junkie and addict are the same and junkie is not like the "N" word.  Being politically correct has never been one of my top priorities, h;owever, I never ment to disrespect Howard as I said before; I ment to praise him.
I once referred to addiction as a disease and it seemed to cause a lot of controversy with prople writing in and even getting the AMA and APA definition of disease.  I hope that is not necessary for it waste everyones time and energy.  I hope this sets the record straight as for my intentions.  I have a feeling that I cleared things up a bit and Howard can find room in his heart to forgive me for using the wrong word or phrase.  For you who have read my posts, not once did I call someone a name or argue or show disrespect.  Once or twice I may of had a difference of opinion with another person but we talked it over in an intelligent manner and respect was shown on both sides.  I feel that if I can not respond positively I will not respond at all.
 Do you know the difference between a drunk and an alcoholic - drunks don't have to go to meetings.  I know, old joke, but the funny part is an alcoholic told it to me in detox.  I laughed, and God knows I needed a good laugh, oh did I ever.
It has been my pleasure to know all you guys (and girls),
  - JIM

gboy at wrote:
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never knew you were a film maker, what movies did you do howard?


On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 15:17:26 -0700 crownofthorns at wrote:
>Preston is right, Burroughs came out with the book Junky a long time
>ago and it was already
>in use back then. I don't know the whole progression of the slang
>junkie, hype, all those
>terms show up in books starting in the 50's, by the 60's heroin
>was not
>in anyone's
>imagination 'a not addictive drug' it was schedule 1 since before
>was born (sorry if
>I'm making you younger Howard :-)
>Don't see the problem with junkie from NY, that would be patrick,
>and more people
>who don't have those 7 letter long first names starting with 'p'
>I know that term is hard to accept for some and makes us all get
> the first time i read
>patrick's war on drugs 'I belong to the last tribe of niggers on
>planet' rant it struck some
>nerves because it was so angry and offensive, but honest. We are
>thought of as human
>garbage, nothing changes.
>Peace out, from some junkie in San Francisco
>On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 14:35:57 -0700 Sara Glatt 
>> Hey Preston,
>> Don't tell , I wasn't there . this is just a guess. ;-(
>> Sara
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>> Onderwerp: Re: [ibogaine] Ibogaine Patients' Bill of Rights
>>> The word Junky came later.<
>> Welllllll, when did ol' Bill Burroughs published "Junky"?
>> I'm not so sure, as nice as the sentiment is Sara and how much
>> like your
>> assessment of Howard..
>> ;-))
>> Peace,
>> Preston
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>>> I wouldn't call Howard A junky but a film maker and a student
>> who got
>>> addicted to heroin when it was "not addictive".
>>> The word Junky came later.
>>> Sara
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