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Fri Aug 6 05:40:08 EDT 2004

Good Morning Leslie. I understand your comments re: what you would like to 
hear about from people but I'd like to say a couple of things. Though the forum 
has ibogaine in the title, that's not what the forum is solely about. It is 
only the concepthat allows as many people as possible to get together and talk 
re: drugs, politics, morals, religion and a host of other subjects that people 
who have one thing in common-drugs and the desire to get their shit on track. 
Ibogaine is more than just a substance to take. It represents one's desire 
and/or need to change their life in some more constructive manner. 

             The second thing is I never understood what the problem is with 
someone offering advise to another person seeking said advise and the person 
offering it may not be following that advise at that time. Because I am 
depressed, I can't offer sound advise to someone who also is depressed? I guess you'd 
call that hypocricy but so what?! I may not be doing it myself, but I 
certainly know what a person needs to do in order to feel content if not happy. I 
have my own reasons for not following this advise but it doesn't take away from 
my awareness of it.

             The last thing I'd like to say is if you are seeking specific 
information about something, don't wait for someone to bring it up! Ask your 
question or state your request on the forum and someone will answer you!!

                                                       Thank You,
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