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Fri Aug 6 00:01:30 EDT 2004

Hi Preston,

I had a similar reaction to Leslie's post. Like you, it is likely that I will 
be trying ibo for the first time very soon.  I found ibogaine by way of harm 
reduction, an approach to addiction which says that is a former junkie or 
crackhead now smokes weed or doesn't drink alcoholically, they are a success.  
While total abstinence is a valid choice, it by no means is the only acceptable 
outcome of drug treatment.  

I left NA for the last time determined to find a better way to deal with my 
While I met a handful of really genuine compassionate people in NA, most I 
came across thought of their "cleantime" as giving them the right to be as 
obnoxious, pushy, and just all around intolerable pain in the ass as they wanted to 
be.  True, some of the crew I banged dope with were not much better at times, 
but at least they had drugs as an excuse.  

Leaving NA, ironically may be what saves my life.  If my liver is OK. I 
should soon be getting ibo treatment, a found a great therapist who views does not 
consider addiction disease, and I am getting more sleep now that I don't go to 
all those meetings.  Yes, leaving NA is probably the best thing I ever did.

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