[ibogaine] Ibogaine Patients' Bill of Rights - To Howard

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 23:58:19 EDT 2004

To Howard,
I think there may be a misunderstanding of some kind.  Maybe my whole letter did not get published.  I in no way ment disrespect when I said "some junkie in New York".
Did you read the part that said in the future some kid may do a book report about Howard?  I seem to have the feeling something is missing.  I am some junkie in Detroit and not one to throw stones.  If what I wrote is taken out of context I can see how a misunderstanding can arise.
This is the letter in it's entirity:
Hi All,
It was durning the civil war that the syringe was invented. Fun facts to know and tell.  Well anyway that is when a chemist invented diactlymorphone(sp) di ass a tee al    morphone, commonly known as heroin.  It was just as good as morphine for pain only non addictive.  If they allowed it on the market USP (medical grade) it would of helped a lot of people, eased a lot of pain and suffering.  Some time in the future some kid will be reading in a history book about heroin and how people were getting strung out on it.  Some junkie in New York noticed that it stopped addiction.  And some guy named Howard fought to have it used as a tool along with methadone, llam and subutex.  As it turned out it was a hell of a fight but he won and many people quit the drug that ruined many of lives.  It was a humane way to end an addiction for they used to make the addict go cold turkey which was very painful only to have them start up again.  It seemed addicts were in the same class of drunks and no
 one really cared that much about them.
Many people would of said well I cured my habit, let the others do what they can about their problem.  But Howard gave of himself, time and energy so others could enjoy a better quality of life.  And the kid will think to himself hmmmm.....wonder what this guy was like, he helped a lot of people.  Not only the addict but their wives, their children, their families, helped stop crime, saved taxpayers money and a lot more.  Specially since there were diseases like hepatitis B and C which killed many people along with another one called AIDS that people who used drugs seemed to catch.  Maybe I'll do a book report on him.
I ment no disrespect.  If I used a poor choice of words please accept my apology.
  - JIM

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