request for patrick

leslie hughes lesliehughes2 at
Thu Aug 5 17:25:05 EDT 2004

short note for patrick, I know your very busy but when
you get the chance to open it could you please open up
the after ibogaine list some time in the next week or
two like you said you would.

I am not bitching about anything, love the site and
your writing is awesome and enjoy the hope that is
here. but every time I open up my mailbox I have 200
letters from this list and at least half of it is like
coffee talk for junkies or someone explaining how
important they are.

i would like to talk to people who have already done
ibogaine and are trying to stay sober which is where i
am at, I have done it twice and am still very shaky
but trying. No disrespect to anyone but I read 20 long
letters from one person who seems very smart and
knowledgeable and then a month later oh by the way,
they've never done ibogaine and are still using. Ok I
appreciate you being smart and may like reading what
you say but somehow I don't have that much interest in
taking advice from someone who isn't clean and hasn't
done ibogaine and is handing out sobriety advice and
explaining how to get the most from their ibo

I feel like I'm going crazy a lot of the time its very
hard to maintain, I go to 12 step meetings but most of
the time I only feel worse and want to get high and
mindvox is the only site I've ever found which isn't
so depressing and has a lot of hope but I don't want
to talk to people who are still getting high.

thank you

lesliehughes2 at

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