[ibogaine] Ibogaine Patients' Bill of Rights

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Thu Aug 5 00:17:43 EDT 2004

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wow, activists are loud and annoying and peeps are egotisical. This is
news why?


On Wed, 04 Aug 2004 14:11:52 -0700 Richard Harris <richardh_2003 at yahoo.com>
>Been reading the list for a while and enjoy the
>perspectives and people. None of it makes a bit of
>difference to me so I'll take a minute to speak my
>    Ibogaine looks like a better detox then anything
>else going from the people I've heard from here but
>understanding I am only basing what I say on people
>who talk here, I don't see the longer term results as
>better then any other treatment. If there are some
>facts to the contrary, I haven't seen them.
>    The Howard Lotsoff and Dr. Mash wars I have no
>interest in and not too much sympathy for either way.
>I'm sure Dr. Mash is what she is, but I haven't seen
>anything different from the other side Mr. Lotsoff
>except self-referential egotism. You Mr. Kroupa I
>would say a few things to as well but I've thought
>better of it. Whatever you and Dr. Mash have, enjoy
>it. If you are arrogant then for many reasons you have
>a right to be and you are also no different than the
>company you keep.
>    I enjoy Mindvox, what I would say to you personally
>and have said but you have this habit of ignoring all
>your email is that whether you want to acknowledge it
>or accept it or not, makes no difference. The road you
>chose out of addiction is shamanism. That's what I see
>when I look at Mindvox, a mind numbing collection of
>information and experiences all integrated together
>into a very strange whole. Bravo to you, but not very
>workable for most addicts I have ever known.
>    I've no doubts all of you do much good, I see it on
>this list as well and do not take away from that. In
>fact the reason I have a place to air my opinions is
>thanks to you Mr. Kroupa, so thank you. But it doesn't
>change the fact that all the finger pointing and name
>calling is nothing but the pot calling the kettle
>black and this bill of rights is a fine idea,
>worthless legally but I'm sure in a few more months
>you can begin asking all the treatment providers who
>want to hand you the reigns, for annual payments for
>this 'privilege' ;-)
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