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Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 14:15:46 EDT 2004

Hi Julian,
Happens all the time,  look at some of the Chicago 7.  Most are wearing business suites and have a respectable job.  No more crashing on someone floor, it's 4 and 5 star hotels and flying first class and nice restaurants.  Many saw profit as a dirty word.  There is nothing wrong with profit.  Profit motivates people.  It's the GREAD that's bad.  Enron, Haliburtion oil companies etc.  How can there be a electricity shortage in California while 100 miles away Las Vegas continues with bright lights as usual.  There were people saying we have to decide if we pay our rent or electric bill.  Their electric bill was $800 per month.  What's kinda funny is movie stars making $20 million per pic sticking up for the little guy and calling the other party for the rich.  Sure Bush gave tax cuts to the rich - the VERY rich who did not need it.  While approximately 30% of the people have no medical insurance.  
It was kind of funny when they say jobs actually increased.  Yes, that is true, but they were McDonalds type jobs that paid so low you could work 60 to 80 hours a week and still be in the poverty level for a family of 4.  I am sure you heard that they tried to reclassify a McDonalds jobs flipping burgers to manufactoring.  After all, then do manufactor a product that is consumed.
Yea, yea, yea, same old shit.  For most practial purposes there are not two parties there is one party but they have it look like two.  See, that way we do not have a dictator we have a democracy.  Regan, who I liked spent money like it was going out of style.  Then a little late came Clinton who was suppose to be a liberal type who ran the country and had a surplus (some people think the surplus was all bullshit, how would I know?).  Now you got George "the Moran" Bush (sounds like a wrestler doesn't it) spending money like it's going out of style.  Spending a billion a week for a silly ass war and not even providing his troops with the armour necessary to save their lives.  How much is an American soldiers life worth - $10,000.  Yea, that's what the spouce gets if the soldier gets killed.  What about the kids who grow up as delinquents because mommy had to work to support the kids and while the wife was at work the kids ran around with gangs because they had no supervision.  They
 said there was no such thing as Vietnam syndrome and Agent Orange was not to blame for anything.  Then 20 years later when many of the people affected were dead or close to it they said it may have contributed to their illness.  
Now, did you know that 1/3 of the people in Gulf War I came back with illnesses.  Some said it was nerve gas, other said it was biological weapons.  Are you a gambleing man?  Watch the same thing is going to happen with DU (depleted uranium) shells and the smallpox vaccine.  And in 20 years the government will admit that the DU or smallpox may of caused some of their medical problems.  In the meantime the soldiers are hurting, unable to make a living, child abuse, feeling inadequate because they can no longer support their family, depression, suicide, etc.
But Chaney, Bush, I forget the secretary of defense's name, none of them guys ever had a bullet fired at them.  Chaney got five (5) exceptions during the Vietnam 'police action'.  In the bible days the king would go to war, not just his men.  I think it should be the same today.  No more running the war from the comfort of the white house in air conditioning and eating the best of foods.  No, the leaders should get their ass shot at and get their legs blown off.  And see how eager they are.  Yea, Bring them on, our forces will keep them out of the white house.
Ok, your turn to babble on.
  - JIM
P.S.  I got to go but I have a small program, with no directions that will let you edit your pics.  I don't know if it is free or a bootleg or what.  It is not all that great but you can crop pics and thus remove or add writing.  It is a small program and damn near useless but it is free.  If I had speed like a DSL or Cable I would send you the software I got with my digital cam.  But at 38K it would take about a day.  I will try and send the small program to you today.  But let me know it you want it.  I will tell you off line the size of it.  You must be VERY careful running .exe programs that people send to you.  In fact I will just send it to you off line.  Let me know if you want it.

Sapphirestardus at aol.com wrote:
On the money Jim! As much as I detest my pessimistic and cynical attitude and perception of our reality, it is what it is! I know you see this and thankfully a few others here see it. There are a few on the outside but the fucking majority and popular percentage of our population won't see it. Everything's cool, you know? There is this guy who I thought was pretty insightful and angry enough to understand how things really are. He was a real supporter of Marxist ideaology and extreme socialism. 

            The guy comes into a decent piece of coin and it turns out his philosophy was motivated strictly by his poverty. He drives a nice car, always has money and runs his own business. Not a month before all this you were a real asshole, greedy capitalist and killer of earth life if you enjoyed any kind of materialism! That's the real killer of ideas: hypocrisy!!! People have transient philosophy. They base it not on what reality shows us but their own personal condition!!! I hate to say this Jim but our generation has really fucked things up far worse than our parents ever could have!! This yuppy world of straights can't even talk to their kids about sex and/or drugs. We have become more conservative and shallow than many previous generations. Do you remember how we ridiculed our parents for their materialistic and prudent ways?! How ignorant and conformist they were? Man are we a sad generation of losers!!! Thank God for this site where I've met a few really insightful people
 that seem to "get it". I'm sorry for ranting on my soap box but I just had this same argument with an acquaintance of mine who was a real hippie type fiend and now he is shallower than the people he used to put down harshly. 

                                                                  Later man, 
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