[ibogaine] Ibogaine Patients' Bill of Rights

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Wed Aug 4 07:00:55 EDT 2004

Hey all,       I've been reading the posts about the Ibogaine bill of rights 
with much interests but have refrained from comment until now. I haven't had 
the treatment yet so I don't feel I have much right to say anything, but then 
realized that this bill of rights is for people like me. I am glad that someone 
is looking ahead to the next patient and from what I've seen and read I'm 
glad that its Howard Lotsoff. If you look at the history of Ibogaine and its use 
for addiction his name comes up the earliest and most often. I'm sure that 
most of the providers read this list and all of them know who Howard is. Also, 
he's one of us. He's been addicted and knows how much it sucks. Unless there is 
some reason not to trust him, and I'm sure it would have come out by now given 
that the powers that be would love to have some juicy shit to throw around 
whenever Ibogaine comes up, he gets my vote to be qualified to write it. Hell I 
say we write him in for president. Be better than Bush or Kerry and a hell of 
lot more interesting. Instead of "Hail to the chief" we play "Journey to the 
center of our mind" whenever he makes an appearance. But I digress. I'm not 
trying to suck up to anyone I just think that Howard's name should garner the 
respect to make the providers at least look at the bill of rights and go with it. 
I read them and agree with what it says and can't think of any thing to add. 
Free your mind and your ass will follow       Randy 
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