[ibogaine] hi all, bad/sad new today

D H dave at phantom.com
Tue Aug 3 20:47:46 EDT 2004

>  I mean, set
> and setting are extremely important when one is doing heavy tripping,
> particularly if doing it for more than simply party reasons, so is it 
> the
> same with ibogaine?

absolutely, IMHO.

If I were you I would:

focus on my intentions...

ask for guidance from my higher self...

ask for healing...

ask for freedom...

ask for answers...

(these are things that were either suggested to me or i thought of on 
my own before I did Ibo in 98 - and it helped)

spend some time reflecting on yourself, where you are in your life, 
where you want to go from here.

write these things down to solidify them.

burn a candle. offer up a glass of water, light some incense. manifest 
your intentions with some sort of ritual. make it your own... own it.

A safe setting and having trust in your guide is extremely important.

make the setting safe.

make it dark, light sources can be extremely annoying.

make it quiet.

Trust in the process.

Depression post Ibo is a possibility, that is true.

Right before I was treated I heard similar stories from different 
sources, I had my own doubts as well. But I firmly believe these 
opportunities are not just random, for whatever reason you are being 
given the opportunity to experience Iboga. Honor that. It is a rare 
thing. It is a sacred thing.

I'm rooting for you all the way.


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