[ibogaine] no wonder he wants everyone on meds!

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Tue Aug 3 19:35:15 EDT 2004

On the money Jim! As much as I detest my pessimistic and cynical attitude and 
perception of our reality, it is what it is! I know you see this and 
thankfully a few others here see it. There are a few on the outside but the fucking 
majority and popular percentage of our population won't see it. Everything's 
cool, you know? There is this guy who I thought was pretty insightful and angry 
enough to understand how things really are. He was a real supporter of Marxist 
ideaology and extreme socialism. 

             The guy comes into a decent piece of coin and it turns out his 
philosophy was motivated strictly by his poverty. He drives a nice car, always 
has money and runs his own business. Not a month before all this you were a 
real asshole, greedy capitalist and killer of earth life if you enjoyed any kind 
of materialism! That's the real killer of ideas: hypocrisy!!! People have 
transient philosophy. They base it not on what reality shows us but their own 
personal condition!!! I hate to say this Jim but our generation has really fucked 
things up far worse than our parents ever could have!! This yuppy world of 
straights can't even talk to their kids about sex and/or drugs. We have become 
more conservative and shallow than many previous generations. Do you remember 
how we ridiculed our parents for their materialistic and prudent ways?! How 
ignorant and conformist they were? Man are we a sad generation of losers!!! Thank 
God for this site where I've met a few really insightful people that seem to 
"get it". I'm sorry for ranting on my soap box but I just had this same 
argument with an acquaintance of mine who was a real hippie type fiend and now he is 
shallower than the people he used to put down harshly. 

                                                                   Later man,
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