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I hope to be one of the living and breathing testaments of the miracle!
You already are a miracle, but you have yet to do your best work.  
You are right about the red flag though, I try to avoid the use of the word hallucinogenic due to semantics.  

Perhaps if more treatment providers video recorded the sessions like did in Panama, then make available on-line, eventually a huge database of video recorded sessions are available.  Still anecdotal, but can't pictures say more then words?
I hope you have a good day.
Be Well,
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I am used to the disbelief and blank looks on faces when I try to tell people about my experience, which is quite often. So that is one of the powers of this list. Dialogue with others who have witnessed the "awesome effectiveness of Ibogaine & its transformative value".
Positive results from Ibogaine treatment speak louder than words! I feel it is so important for people to witness addicts getting better or being 'cured'. People tend to stop listening about the wonders of Ibogaine treatment when you mention the word hallucinogenic. It throws an immediate red flag up and they quit taking you seriously. Example is and will be the selling point of Ibogaine. Hearing the success others have experienced is what has kept me interested but I am an open minded person. It is going to take more than 'stories' to convince the close minded people of the miracle of Ibogaine!
I hope to be one of the living and breathing testaments of the miracle!
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