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Good Morning Meredith. My name is Julian and I don't know enough about 
Ibogaine to teach you anything. There are several others far more qualified here 
than I, but I can tell you a little about me and why I'm interested in 
Iboga/Ibogaine. I am 49 years old and have been into getting high since 10 years of age. 
>From the age of 15-28 I found my one and only true love-smack. Towards the 
end of that 13 year period I added coke to the mixture and lived on speedballs. 
At 28 I went on Methadone and have been on ever since. I had no desire to get 
off the meth or even change my at all until october,last year. I had a serious 
motorcycle accident and have been in serious pain ever since. Due to the 
effects of the meth it was very hard to find any relief  from the pain and of 
course I experienced the typical bias from the healthfield that I'm just another 
junkie looking for a legal fix. I figured it was time for some real spiritual 
and psychological exploration to see if I want to and able to change my 
attitude about chemicals in general. Regardless of my negative experiences, I am 
still in love with getting high, though I don't do it very much anymore. I believe 
Iboga/Ibogaine can provide me with the insight I am seeking and the 
bio-chemical changes I need to detox from meth if I decide to do that. I hope I've 
given you enough info about myself to give you a decent idea of who I am and what 
I want with Ibogaine.

                   By the way, welcome to this site.
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