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About elections in USA rest of the world,

"Health and the developed countries" what does it means? We are keeping poisoned materials of developed countries like chemical materials, Nuclear garbage etc in the open air places in the our country land. 

Few years ago one USA company left secretly poisoned canserogen material to the Blacksea coast of my country. Children found that containers while they were playing. And after that many of the kids dead or ill. When we ask them to take back that material they didn't want to do it. They want make us store that kind of material in our country and offered money for this. Our fucking local politicians accepted this dirty bussiness and we are storing developed countries poisoned garbage. 

Our peoples health not importand as they are. Also we are producing dirty industry of USA and europe for protect them againist pollution. 

They are still selling drugs that prohibited in their countries already. I think that we are less human then they are. We are the creatures that between human and animal and we have no value.

USA spending to more than $  each year for arming.$ is enough to solve all the world hunger problem. There is hungry babies in the rest of the world that they go to sleep hungry. 

I'm writting this mail for some of you thinking Kely is Better than Bush. But I know that this election does not make any difference for us.

Best Regards

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