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Look at it like this, they test everyone, even thou it cost much money.  Then let's say 3 million kids need SSRI type drugs.  So you have 3 millinon kids taking pills that cost maybe $ 3 each.  That is $9 Million a day for the drug companies and since many of the kids will be poor and underprivileged they get some kind of goverment program to pay for it.  So the drug companies get $9 million a day and help the poor people at the same time.  Now tell me the government doesn't love you.  Do you think they would do it just to make money?  Sounds like paranoia to me, but that's ok, paranoia drugs are $5 each, you'll sleep like a baby and cause no trouble.
  - JIM

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   "Help Is On The Way"  lol!

Yeah, that check seems to be in the mail every 4 years 

from both parties.

:  )

I can't beleive (oh wait, yes I can) that TV 'news' has ignored yet another vital story.  I had no idea that the whole manditory mental health testing thing is actually aready going through in someplace in ILL., So Bush would just be taking a 'working program' to a national level, which isn't so bad right?

I'm just so amazed that they can sell the idea without even really hiding the corporate interests of it, what concerns me more then that they are doing it is that they don't even feel like they should have to hide that it's all about profits regardless if good or bad long term.  I had similar thoughts when I was in jail, they don't even PRETEND like they are there to make people productive members of society again or to rehabilitate in any way (someone put in jail for hot checks isn't given time/guidence/pointers on how to keep checkbook balenced),  they don't even pretent like it's not just about the money.  They don't even pretend.  The guards talk fairly openly about that.  They make a set amount of money for each head, not to mention they have the people do everything (trusteeLabor) except guard the inmates.  Prison and War are good business.  And I guess, "mental health" is too.


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I think that a great deal of concern should be voiced 
towards the Bush administration's concept of testing Americans for mental 
disorders.  The issue of Bush using antidepressants being set aside.

I am very concerned about the concept of mandatory mental health testing.
I have not worked a lot of psych but the work I have done exposed me to many Doctors with many ideas and concepts of diagnosing and treating mental illness.
There are some extreme cases of psychosis that must be treated vigorously but there are also neurosis and other less severe psychosis whose treatments vary with each individual Doc and patient.
I am curious to see what they plan to do when they decide you have a mental illness? Will you be branded or tattooed so that everyone will know at a glance who is sane and who is not (by government definition). Or, will you be required to be medicated and be able to prove you are indeed following 'their' outlined treatment?
This shit really worries me! I just don't think they will test you and then not follow through if the results are off the graph.
I for one am very happy that, "Help Is On The Way"  lol!
Callie, a Kerry/Edwards supporter for 2004
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